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The 2017 "Trump Star Ritual" on Hollywood Blvd.
Witch Queen Leslie McQuade and Hermetic Golden Dawn Imperator David Griffin
Rite to "Break the Spells cast on the American people."

The Donald J Trump Magick Wars (2017 - Present)

The Magick Wars movement grew out the magical activism of Winter Solstice, 2015, when Islamic Supremists calling themselves ISIS were goose-stepping across the Middle East; taking slaves, stoning witches, and tossing gays off rooftops.

Outraged by such barbarism, Witch Queen Leslie McQuade decided to do something about it and enlisted the aid of Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn Imperator David Griffin.

The Magick Wars movement was born when McQuade and Griffin rallied a huge number of people across the pagan, witch, and magical communities to take part in a united Winter Solstice ritual intending to “Bind ISIS;" to stop them from causing further harm.

News of the Winter Solstice binding rite went viral and spread like a wildfire in the magical community, with Wiccan Elder “Oberon Zell” disseminating a special ritual to "Bind ISIS" for the occasion.

Considering that soon to be President Donald J Trump came down the golden escalator only 4 months later...

...and considering that by end of the following year, President Trump had completely mopped up ISIS,  the magical community was awed by the miraculous power they had witnessed.


Where goes the light, darkness quickly follows.

The success of the MagickWars movement in binding ISIS and in helping elect a rational President (and not just another puppet) didn't go unnoticed by the Satanists nor by the evil witches (the Malandanti) who quickly copied Magick Wars methods for their own infernal purposes and schemes.

In February 2017, Satanic Witch Michael M. Hughes published a declaration of war against the free will of the American people in the leftist on-line magazine, Medium. Hughes issued a "call to arms" to Black Witches everywhere with his infamous “Spell to Bind Donald Trump and All Those Who Support Him.”

Not caring at all about interfering with the free will of tens of millions of Americans, Hughes and the Satanic Witches thereafter promoted and held monthly Black Moon rites, where they called on “infernal forces” to "bind" President Trump and all of his supporters.

Mainstream media turned these Black Moon rites into a three ring circus. Hollywood jumped in with both feet and pop singer Lana Del Rey lent star power to promote the black rites.

In response to the spiritual threat posed by Hughes and his misguided followers, Witch Queen Leslie McQuade and HOGD Imperator David Griffin rallied the faithful - from Christian prayer warriors, to Light Magicians and Good Witches everywhere...

...And thus was born the Witches for Trump movement...

1) To magically defend against the Black Magick of Satanists and Evil Witches.

2) To teach others how to magically protect themselves,

3) And to magically defend the American people, our nation, and our once and future President, Donald J. Trump.

Be sure to watch the full video documentary above of the renowned 2017 "Trump Star Ritual” live from Hollywood Boulevard, where Witch Queen Leslie McQuade and Imperator David Griffin worked a powerful counter-spell to free the American people from all dark enchantment.

The history of of the Donald Trump Magick Wars  (2016-present) has become the subject of intense academic research. Here is one peer reviewed article documenting the Magick Wars, The Magickal Theory of Politics, by Egil Asprem.

Don't let the historians fool you. The magical war for freedom in Amerca is not over. It is ongoing still today.

In fact, now that Donald Trump is poised for election, an army of Dark Witches is already gathering again in the shadows.

With the most important election of our lifetime rapidly approaching, of course the Satanic witches will strike again.

But when they do - their Magick will come to naught, for we shall block their advance

We are an army of light warriors, and they shall not pass by us.

Let them come at us with their hordes of demons.

They shall still not advance.

For the second war in heaven has already begun, and mighty Legions of God's Angels have come to help us as our allies to vanquish the demons.

Do you feel called as to help us as a lightworker in this struggle?

Or perhaps do you just want to keep youself and your loved ones safe.

Either way, we urge you...

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